About Us

Jay Banas Metal Pvt. Ltd. is an India-based leading manufacturer & exporter of copper & copper alloys in shape of tubes,pipes, rods, coils, flat, sections, finned tubes in any size, specification as per Indian & International standard.

The Company has distinguished itself with a proud tradition of quality and reliability since its founding in 1987. We take pride that our products are being globally accepted since last several years for their quality and competitive pricing. Presently the company is exporting to various part of the world.

All our products are manufactured and supplied under a Quality Assurance System certified to BVQI ISO 9001:2000. So that customer can be secure in the knowledge that we will get it right first time with a hassle free service.

We are the principal suppliers of copper and copper alloy products to various Govt., semi-govt., big industrial organization in Chemicals, Fertilizers, Power, Oil, Gas, Steel, Coal, Electricity board, Heat exchangers manufacturers, Refrigeration , Air-condition Industries, automobile, heavy engineering, electrical, defense, aviation industry, mining and drilling equipments, marine engineering and practically every sphere of industries in India and abroad.

Customer service continues to be the driving force behind the company's success. Our sales staff offers years of experience and the product knowledge to provide quality support for our customers.

Our business philosophy has been to provide the best service at competitive price with superior quality and on time delivery.
If you are looking for a supplier who will take the trouble to fully understand your needs, supply a quality product on time at a competitive price then we invite you to put us to the test.