Copper Pipes Tubes

Sizes : 4.76mm O.D. upto 75 O.D.
Grade :

Applications :

Air Conditioning, Refrigeration & Medical Gas Tubing
JAY BANAS manufacture tubes to the highest standard which are rigorously tested to ensure they are suitable for the exacting requirements of critical air conditioning units as well as medical gas pipelines.

Specialist original equipment manufactures (OEM’s) rely on Jay Banas’s quality control for standards of chemical composition, outside diameter and thickness tolerances, temper, internal cleanliness and finisht.
Water Services
Copper tubes have superior corrosion resistance and are easy to join. This make them the world’s prime choice for hot and cold water service and supply lines manufactures a ‘total concepts’ plumbing system to cope with the heat and pressure demands of modern high temperature hot water systems.
Gas Lines
Copper is the ideal material for all types of gas lines. Copper tubes are used for the reticulation of natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, town gas and other combustible gas mixtures.
Copper and brass tubes last well, are simple to per fabricate and lightweight. They are widely used in sanitary plumbing services and in drainage, waste and vent applications.

Offering a complete range of types and sizes, Jay Banas Metal Pvt. Ltd. meets or excceds industry standards to deliver high quality flow products.

The most common types: K, L, and M are primarily differentiated by a range of wall thickness, and available in hard or annealed tempers. Straight lengths are primarily in hard (drawn) tempers and coils are supplied in annealed (soft) tempers.
Heating system & Heat Exchanges
Copper tubes have high percentage of thermal and heat conductivity. this make them the worlds prime choice for heat exchange system. Jay Banas Manufactures all the grade required for this applications.